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Please use good sampling techniques.  Analyses reflect the quality of the samples submitted.

Collecting a water sample:

  • Use of an ouside hose or faucet is not recommended.
  • Remove aerator if present and run cold-water tap for five minutes. Fill both containers to the 120ml mark being careful not to splash. Both containers are needed and the sealed container is sterile and used for bacterial analysis. Be careful not to touch the inside of the lid or container.
  • If sampling a chlorinated water supply, please contact the lab for a sterile container with a sodium thiosulfate preservative.
  • Tighten the lids securely and return to the lab as soon as possible. Samples for coliform bacteria must be analyzed within 48 hours of collection and samples analyzed after 30 hours will be noted. The sooner the sample is analyzed, the more reliable the results.
  • If mailing, mail early in the week to avoid the weekend. Samples received over the weekend must be discarded, as the 48-hour limit would be exceeded.

Collecting a feed sample:

  • Sample(s) must be taken so as to represent the average value of the entire sample.
  • The entire sample should be placed in a plastic bag and sealed to retain the moisture level at the time of sampling.
  • The sample(s) should be labeled properly.
  • The sample(s) should then be stored in a cool place until it is shipped to the laboratory.
  • Send the sample(s) to the laboratory A.S.A.P. via UPS or USPS.

Thank you for your confidence in our work.

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