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Individual Wastewater & Sludge Analysis

--- EPA Approved Methods

SDK labs provides a full range of Water & Wastewater Testing Analyses in packages or individual tests to suit all needs. Our professional staff ensures quality is maintained from receipt of your sample to the delivery of your results.

ATTENTION:  Samples requiring analysis for bacteria must be received and processed within 30 hours of taking the sample. Samples outside the holding time must be discarded.

Remember, good sampling techniques ensure accurate test results!  Click here for accurate sampling instructions.

Minimum Fees apply per sample on water samples only.

Rush services are available at triple cost.

Week-ends incur an additional fee.

Holidays incur an additional higher fee.

Water Test Kits are provided and their use is encouraged for reliable results.
Click here to order your Test Kit.

Individual Analyses




Chlorine - Total:

Demand:  BOD - Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Demand:  CBOD - Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Demand:  COD - Chemical Oxygen Demand

Demand:  Oxygen, Dissolved

Demand:  SOUR - Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate

Electrical Conductivity:


Hardness, Total:

Microbiology:  Total Coliforms in Source Water

Microbiology:  Fecal Coliforms

Microbiology:  Fecal Coliforms in Wastewater Sludge

Minerals/Metals:  Aluminum

Minerals/Metals:  Antimony

Minerals/Metals:  Arsenic

Minerals/Metals:  Barium

Minerals/Metals:  Beryllium

Minerals/Metals:  Cadmium

Minerals/Metals:  Calcium

Minerals/Metals:  Chromium

Minerals/Metals:  Cobalt

Minerals/Metals:  Copper

Minerals/Metals:  Iron

Minerals/Metals:  Lead

Minerals/Metals:  Magnesium

Minerals/Metals:  Manganese

Minerals/Metals:  Mercury

Minerals/Metals:  Molybdenum

Minerals/Metals:  Nickel

Minerals/Metals:  Phosphorus

Minerals/Metals:  Potassium

Minerals/Metals:  Selenium

Minerals/Metals:  Silica, Dissolved

Minerals/Metals:  Silver

Minerals/Metals:  Sodium

Minerals/Metals:  Sulfur

Minerals/Metals:  Thallium

Minerals/Metals:  Vanadium

Minerals/Metals:  Zinc

Nitrogen:  Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen

Nitrogen:  Ammonia-Nitrogen

Nitrogen:  Nitrate-Nitrogen

Nitrogen:  Nitrite-Nitrogen

Nitrogen:  Organic Nitrogen

Oil & Grease:


Solids:  Dissolved

Solids:  Fixed and Volatile

Solids:  Suspended

Solids:  Total



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