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Individual Analyses

SDK labs provides a full range of Agricultural Testing Analyses in packages or individual tests to suit all needs. Our professional staff ensures quality is maintained from receipt of your sample to the delivery of your results.

HAY SAMPLING:  be sure to use a hay probe for true forage quality.

Remember, good sampling techniques ensure accurate test results!  Click here for accurate sampling instructions.

Minimum Fees apply per sample.

Sample bags and shipping supplies available here

Individual Analysis

Acid Insoluble Ash


Bushel Weight

Crude Fat:  Acid Hydrolysis

   Ether Extract

Fiber Analysis:  Acid Detergent, ADF


   Lignin, Acid Insoluble

   Neutral Detergent, NDF

Moisture Analysis:  Forced Air Oven

   Karl Fischer Titration

   Vacuum Oven

Nitrate and Prussic Acid:  Nitrate-NO3, Moisture

   Nitrate-Nitrogen, Moisture

   Prussic Acid-HCN, Moisture


Pellet Durability Test  Method and Design per Kansas State University

Protein Analysis:  ADIN(Heat Damaged Protein)  Acid Detergent Insoluble Nitrogen

   Insoluble Nitrogen

   Ammonia as Protein

   Buffer Soluble Protein

   Crude Protein

   NDIN as Protein  Neutral Detergent Insoluble Nitrogen

   NPN Equivalent to Protein

   PDI, Protein Dispersibility Index

   Pepsin Digestible Protein

   Rumen Bypass Protein  S. Griseus Method

   Water Soluble

Salt: From Soluble Chlorides

  From Soluble Sodium

Starch Analysis:  Starch Availablity, Gas Production

   Starch Gelatinization, Enzyme Hydrolysis

   Total Starch, Enzyme Hydrolysis

    % Available, Enzyme Hydrolysis


Urease Activity, pH Rise

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