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Pesticide Analyses by Gas Chromatography

SDK labs provides a full range of Agricultural Testing Analyses in packages or individual tests to suit all needs. Our professional staff ensures quality is maintained from receipt of your sample to the delivery of your results.

Remember, good sampling techniques ensure accurate test results!  Click here for accurate sampling instructions.

Minimum Fee of $12.00 per sample.

Sample bags and shipping supplies available here

Pesticide Analyses by Gas Chromatography

Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Screen


Aldrin      Benzene Hexachloride      Chlordane      DDE      DDT      Deildrin      Endosulfan (Total)      Endrin      Heptachlor      Heptachlor Epoxide      Hexachlorobenzene      Lindane      Methoxychlor      Mirex      PCBs (Total)      TDE (DDD)      Toxaphene

Organo-Phosphate Screen


Chlorpyrifos (Dursban)      DEF      Diazinon      Ethion      Methyl Chlorpyrifos (Reldan)      Ethyl Parathion      Malathion      Methyl Parathion      Ronnel

*Both of the Above


Alachlor (Lasso)






Chlorothalonil, Daconil (Bravo 720)


Metolachlor (Dual)


Metribuzin (Sencor)


Pendimethalin (Prowl)


Propachlor (Ramrod)


Trifluralin (Treflan)


Other Pesticides

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